Bird-in-Hand, April 16, 2020 – An Amish farmer running for President, a ventriloquist, an Amish couple recounting stories from their lives, a comedy variety show and a musical adventure for the whole family; what do these things have in common?  They are all a part of the 2020 season on the Bird-in-Hand Stage.

“This season has the most variety ever offered on the Bird-in-Hand Stage,” said Theatre Manager, Donna Dorough.  “There is truly something for everyone.”  Since it opens its doors in September 2011, Bird-in-Hand Stage has been partnering with Blue Gate Musicals to provide wholesome, high-quality dramas and Broadway-style musicals. 

This year is no exception, bringing the return of the wildly popular musical Josiah for President and the debut of the new play Our Plain and Simple Life, where an Amish couple share stories about their plain life – which isn’t always so simple. 

Bird-in-Hand Stage also offers the comedy and ventriloquism of  Ryan & Friends: Comedy Calamity, the highly interactive, kid-friendly music of Steven Courtney’s Bag of Dreams and Duane Laflin’s high energy variety show Comedy Jubilee, which returns for a Christmas version along with the Blue Gate musical The Christmas Tree Ship.

The 2020 season on the Bird-in-Hand Stage kicks off May 13.  For tickets and more information, go to or call (717) 768-1568.

About Bird-in-Hand Corporation:  The Bird-in-Hand family of properties are in the heart of Lancaster County’s Amish farmlands. The Smucker family invites you to get to know our village, to taste the farm-fresh goodness of its bounty and to experience the tradition of hospitality and good food that we have passed down from generation to generation.