The Foundation of Our Culture

Our Mission:

To enhance lives and provide comfort.

To create a community where people feel included and empowered, where learning takes place, and the unique gifts and talents of each person are nurtured and maximized for the benefit of each Staff Member, our Guests and the Company.

To create a home away from home, a place of trusting relationships, where our Guests experience compassionate and friendly people who care about others, the quality of their work and the pursuit of excellence.

Our Foundational Values:


Our actions match our words. We adhere to a code of conduct that values honesty in relationships and truthfulness in our business decisions.


Staff Members are empowered to satisfy Guests. We organize around semi-autonomous business units.


We involve Staff Members, Guests and Suppliers in our decision-making processes.


As leaders we serve our Staff Members. As Staff Members we serve our Guests.


We utilize our resources efficiently and are careful not to waste. We are vigilant in growing a financially sound organization. We share our resources with our community.

Lifelong Learning

We value continuous improvement. We encourage Staff Member education and training to enhance job competencies and personal development.