Show your Family Card when you shop or dine with us and earn rewards!

At Bird-in-Hand, we treat all our guests like family—and for those who visit frequently, we offer something extra. When you show your Bird-in-Hand Family Card at our Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant & Smorgasbord or our Bird-in-Hand Bakery & Cafe, you can earn special offers and other perks!

Bakery & Cafe special offers for January – June:

  • Free breakfast sandwich with the purchase of 10 breakfast sandwiches
  • Free whoopie pie every time you spend $50 on baked goods
  • Free pint of ice cream with the purchase of 10 single or double scoops

Restaurant & Smorgasbord special offers for January – June:

  • Free soup and salad bar with the purchase of 10 entrees or sandwiches
  • Free breakfast smorgasbord after the purchase of 10 breakfast smorgasbords
  • Free quart of soup after the purchase  of 8 dinner smorgasbords
  • $10 off coupon every time you spend $150 within promo period

* Free offers based on purchase points earned during the promotional period

It’s easy to register. Just ask your cashier at our Restaurant & Smorgasbord or Bakery & Cafe!